Best Pinterest Automation Tools

Pinterest is a powerful platform for social media marketing with more than 480 million active users. However, managing a successful Pinterest account can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s why many marketers and businesses use Pinterest automation tools to streamline their tasks and boost their results.

Pinterest Automation Explained

Pinterest automation tools can help you with various aspects of Pinterest marketing, such as:

  • Scheduling pins at optimal times,
  • Creating pins automatically from different content sources, and
  • Organizing your boards.

By automating these tasks, you can save time, increase efficiency, and reach a wider audience. Plus, you can improve your SEO by using relevant keywords and phrases in your pin descriptions and titles.

10 Best Pinterest Automation Tools

Here are 10 of the best Pinterest automation tools that you can use to automate Pinterest pins and posts.

1. Circleboom Publish

Circleboom Publish is a comprehensive social media management tool that allows you to automate Pinterest posts and pins, as well as your posts on other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.

With Circleboom Publish, you can:

  • Schedule pins in advance with a built in calendar adjusted at best times to automate your posting (of course with the option of manually selecting your posting times),
  • Generate Pinterest descriptions with the power of its ChatGPT integration for compelling texts, engaging emojis, and boosting hashtags,
  • Design stunning pins with the built-in Canva editor and curate beautiful images from the stock archive of Unsplash,
  • Upload videos on Pinterest to benefit from the power of the video content in your marketing efforts,
  • Manage multiple Pinterest accounts, and organize and automate multiple boards from one dashboard.
Circleboom - Best Pinterest Automation Tool

Having an AI Pinterest pin generator, Circleboom Publish is one of the best Pinterest automation tools for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution for their social media marketing. It’s easy to use, affordable, and offers a free trial for 14 days for unlimited pins, unlike most Pinterest automation tools.

2. SweepWidget

SweepWidget offers an alternative approach to Pinterest automation by leveraging interactive contests and giveaways to foster audience growth.

The platform streamlines the processes of;

  • Creating and managing campaigns,
  • Automatically collecting leads, and
  • Engaging participants.

Plus, its analytics tool generates automated insights, allowing users to assess the impact of their contests on Pinterest visibility and engagement.

3. Planoly

Tailored for visual platforms and guided by the ethos of “by creators, for creators,” Planoly;

  • Enables automated scheduling of Pinterest pins to emphasize visual planning,
  • Streamlines pin and board management, and
  • Helps track engagement and effectiveness with analytics features.
planoly Best Pinterest Automation Tools

Planoly caters to creators and brands aiming for a unified aesthetic across their Pinterest presence, providing additional convenience through a browser extension and mobile application.

4. Zoho Social

Positioned as a Pinterest automation tool, the key advantage of Zoho Social lies in;

  • Automating posting schedules,
  • Monitoring performance metrics, and
  • Enabling team collaboration.
zoho social

Zoho Social is a versatile and integrated Pinterest automation tool that caters to businesses of all scales.

5. Iconosquare

Iconosquare offers comprehensive analytics and management tools designed to automate Pinterest activities. The platform includes functionalities such as;

  • Scheduling pins to enhance content strategies,
  • Reporting, and analytics to enable users to gain insights into their audiences, and
  • Facilitating collaborative usage among multiple users within an organization.

It’s a go-to Pinterest automation tool if you are focusing on enhancing Pinterest marketing effectiveness.

6. PinPinterest

PinPinterest harnesses AI technology to automate the selection and scheduling of Pinterest pins aligned with your audience’s interests, enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of your content strategy. Featuring an autopilot and an analytics tool;

  • It automates Pinterest followings to optimize user engagement,
  • Automates the monitoring of essential performance metrics, and
  • Empowers the users to refine strategies based on data-driven insights.
pinpinterest Best Pinterest Automation Tools

Overall, PinPinterest simplifies the planning and execution of Pinterest strategies, offering seamless content management across multiple Pinterest accounts.

7. Tailwind

Tailwind is a popular Pinterest automation tool that helps you schedule pins, discover content, and grow your audience. With Tailwind, you can:

  • Schedule pins in bulk,
  • Join Tailwind communities to find and share relevant content,
  • Create pins automatically from Instagram, websites, or your computer, and
  • Organize your boards with the board lists and board rules features.

Tailwind is a great Pinterest automation tool for anyone looking for a robust and reliable solution for their Pinterest marketing. It also offers a free trial for up to 100 pins.

8. Hootsuite

The good old Hootsuite is a well known multi-platform social media management tool that allows you to automate Pinterest posts and pins. It would actually be easier to write what you cannot do with Hootsuite, but here are some of its Pinterest automation capabilities:

  • It facilitates automated pin scheduling to maximize audience reach.
  • Its analytics tools furnish comprehensive insights into Pinterest campaign performance, empowering users to base decisions on data-driven insights.
  • It also supports team collaboration, enhancing the coordination of social media endeavors.

Similar to Circleboom and Tailwind, it offers a range of alternatives for users seeking varied functionalities.

9. Buffer

Buffer excels as a Pinterest automation tool by simplifying the pin scheduling process.

  • Automated posting of pins ensures a consistent online presence throughout the day or week.
  • The analytics feature provides automated tracking of engagement metrics, aiding in performance evaluation.
  • It lets you manage multiple Pinterest accounts and cross-post to multiple social media platforms.

Buffer comes in as a simple and effective Pinterest automation tool for anyone looking for a minimalist and user-friendly solution.

10. Later

Later specializes in automating Pinterest posts through streamlined scheduling and visual planning. Like many other scheduling tools, Later also offers a standard set of features.

  • Users can map out pinning strategies weeks in advance with ease.
  • Visual content creation tools automate design tasks, enabling the creation of engaging pins without extensive design expertise.
  • The first comment optimization feature automates the enhancement of pin visibility through strategic hashtag use.
Later-Best Pinterest Automation Tools

Later is a sleek and modern Pinterest automation tool. It’s easy to use, affordable, and offers a free trial with a limitation of 30 Pinterest posts per month on its most basic plan.


Pinterest automation tools can help you save time, increase efficiency, and boost your results on Pinterest. They can help you with various tasks such as scheduling, creating, organizing, engaging, and promoting your pins. However, not all Pinterest automation tools are created equal. Some may offer more features, integrations, or support than others. Therefore, you need to choose the best Pinterest automation tool that suits your needs, goals, and budget.

For us, it’s Circleboom Publish, but we hope this blog post has helped you find the best Pinterest automation tool for your Pinterest marketing. Happy pinning!

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